Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wordless Lapbook

The kids and I made a Wordless Lapbook, using most of our ideas from Just Call Me Jamin but we changed it up a little bit, added a few things, and gave it our own twist! It's a pretty simple one...

Here's the inside view. 
I arranged the mini color books so they'd form the shape of a cross (obviously you can see that there) Our booklets are made like Only a Boy blog (minus the drawn pictures) but the text is the same as Jamin's.  And we added the little poem from Only a Boy but we placed it in the middle of the cross.  Download the printables for the color booklets HERE.

Then we added the ABC's of salvation (download HERE), formatting it more like Jamin's.  If you flip up the text part, you can read the Bible verse that goes with it.  (the only thing I don't like is that this ABC book is on the fold of the lapbook, and that's a little bit awkward when folding)

We included the lyrics to our Gospel Fuzzies song (top left) and the GROW mini book (bottom right). Both printables can be found HERE.

The cross picture in the top right is just a coloring page found HERE I printed smaller and had Eli color.

The back of our lapbook folder is a color by number, glued onto construction paper just to add more color.

And honestly, we don't have anything on the front cover of our folder, but you can put whatever you want.  This was a pretty simple lapbook, didn't take much time to prepare it. (some lapbooks can really take forever and ton of printing and cutting!!) 

Then as a bonus activity, the kids and I made these Gospel Cookies (in a jar), adapted from these super cute Girlfriend Cookies. Instead of part M&Ms and and part chocolate chip, we used all M&Ms using the colors of wordless gospel, using some white chips for the white layer. So you fill the bottom half of the jar according to the recipe instructions.  Then add your layers: green, yellow, white chips, red, and brown, topping it with your 1/4 cup brown sugar.  I didn't have any coordinating fabric for the top of the jar, so it's just plain (oh well).  Then you add a fun label for your jar, include a rolled-up paper with the meanings of the colors, and give it away to someone!  The idea is that we'd leave the jar in the middle of our dinner table and every time we pray for our meal we pray for who we might share these gospel cookies with.  Then before Easter we give them away to our chosen person!

kids are color sorting the M&Ms while I prepare the flour stuff for the jar.

Easter Lesson

I printed these Easter sequence cards and glued them onto pieces of cardstock (just to make a little neater than white cardstock itself).  Have kids try to put sequence cards in order.

Bible Story
Then watch this Easter video (or read it all in a Children's Bible, but I chose the video just to add variety since we don't normally do videos and so our kind teacher wouldn't have to be reading foreeever). And most of the pictures used are actually from our Storybook Bible.

Now go back to cards and re-order them if necessary. (note: Palm Sunday isn't included in video) Or if you're reading from a Bible you can correct the cards as you read.

here is Eli doing the sequence cards again at home and telling ME the story

"We can use colors to help us remember the gospel story."

BLACK reminds me of my sin. We are all sinners.  We can't be good all of the time no matter how hard we try.
RED reminds me of Jesus' blood when He died on the cross.  He paid the price for MY sin.
WHITE reminds me that Jesus forgives me and makes my heart clean as snow.
YELLOW reminds me of Heaven where streets are made of GOLD. When we have clean hearts we can live forever in Heaven.
GREEN reminds me of things that grow. Plants, trees, grass... These are things that grow.  i can grow too by learning more about Jesus by praying to him and reading the Bible.

Here is a fun little song I like to sing that helps me remember all these colors... (the kids also sing this at AWANA) Click HERE for a video of how the song goes.

Gospel Fuzzies Song

We're the gospel fuzzies. We're the gospel fuzzies.
We're the gospel fuzzies with a song to sing.

Gold stands for Heaven. Gold stands for Heaven.
Gold stands for Heaven where I want to go.

But dark means I'm a sinner. Dark means I'm a sinner.
Dark means I'm a sinner & I can't get in. (by myself)

Red means Jesus died. Red means Jesus died.
Red means Jesus died and He rose again.

Clean means I'm forgiven. Clean means I'm forgiven.
Clean means I'm forgiven when I follow him.

Green means I am growing. Green means I am growing.
Green means I am growing every day in him.

We're the gospel fuzzies. We're the gospel fuzzies.
We're the gospel fuzzies with a song to sing.

I would've loved to make the Gospel Fuzzie glove for each of the children, but it was too much time and work for the size of our group.  So instead I made the half-paper worksheet with the song lyrics where the kids could glue on the coordinating fuzzies. (you can't tell from the picture but underneath show the color fuzzie on the paper for them to match with)

My kids and I also made a Wordless Lapbook here at home, centered around a lot of this same theme, so you can view that HERE.