Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Book: Red Are the Apples

I'm going to be adding a couple more things to this blog, so here you'll find weekly lessons, complete lapbooks, short book activities, Sunday school lessons, and game ideas.  

This is a book I'd gotten at the library and I put together a little activity to go with it.  It was mostly for Hannah actually, since I knew it would be pretty easy for Eli, but of course he enjoyed it as well!

Book: Red Are the Apples by Marc Harshman

The book goes like this, "The morning is cool in the fall of the year. We explore our garden, to see what is here. Brown is the soil, loose and fine, that's helped the beans to leaf and vine.  White are the beans...Yellow's the corn..., etc" So that explains a little of the format of the project....

prep work: make a document with colored color words spread out on the paper. find clipart images of each color item (pumpkin, white beans, corn, apple, black hat, eggplant, leaves, brown soil)
like this
kids do: glue the picture items above the corresponding color

 I love watching little ones working hard and concentrating
 the completed project
 ...and an excited boy.

And yes, I'm sure you could do a whole hoard of things relating to book themes. But I don't have a lot of time, so I prefer to keep it simple. 

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