Thursday, June 2, 2011

I stink at drawing!

Working on a lapbook here I was trying to draw a boy.  I couldn't find a clipart for what I wanted but I did find a good face to use, so I thought I could trace the face and draw the body myself.  Wrong.  See...
It wasn't even done yet and I could tell the torso and legs were all out of proportion.  SOMETHING didn't look right anyway and no matter how much I erased and tried again it just wasn't working.  So I browsed more clipart images on Google, and look how it came together!

the head, just changed the hat to hair and didn't include the baseball strips on the cheeks
flipped the paper and then traced the arm but drew the hand so it was more like a fist

the arm over basketball and jersey inspiration, though I did a lot of tweaking on the arm and hand
and last, the shoes.  Because I couldn't even draw shoes free hand without looking at something!

 All that turned into...

He's still not perfect, but sooo much better than what I was trying to draw on my own, and it finished out being the pose I was trying for in the first place!

Stay tuned to find out what project we used this boy for!!

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