Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sunday School: Noah's Ark

I did this activity for our 2-4 yr old Moppets (the kids) at MOPS last month. The lesson: Noah's Ark story.

Intro activity: {For the intro activity I try to use a wrapped shoe box and every month the kids wonder what's in the box this week. They like it.} We did an animal game for an intro to Noah's Ark and inside the box I had a bunch of cards for various clipart animals and on the back of the card were clues for the teacher to read aloud and the kids guess what animal it is. The kids took turns drawing out of the box, and they could either act out the animal or the teacher could read the clue...

Frog: I'm green and like to live in ponds. I leap from here to there. and I say Ribbit, Ribbit. Who am I?

Lion: I'm big and strong and look like a huge cat. I have a mane of hair around my face, and I say Roar! Who am I?

Rabbit: I'm quiet. I have soft fur, floppy ears, and I wiggle my nose. I hop across the grass, and I like to eat carrots. Who am I?

Horse: I live on a farm and spend my days grazing in the pasture. I eat hay and say Nay. Who am I?

Zebra: I look a lot like a horse except I have black and white stripes. You might find me at the zoo. Who am I?

Sheep: I have soft, fluffy wool. I graze in the pasture eating grass. I say Baa. Who am I?

Turtle: I'm small and green and move veerry slowly. I have a hard shell on my back to keep me safe. Who am I?

Snake: I have no arms or legs so I slither along the ground. And I say Ssss! Who am I?

Dog: I like to have a people family. And when I'm happy I wag my tail and say Woof, Woof! Who am I?

Pig: I live on a farm and like to roll in the mud. I say Oink, Oink! Who am I?

Bird: I'm small, like to eat worms, and my home is called a nest. I say Tweet, Tweet! Who am I?

Elephant: I'm gray and have a long trunk and big ears. You'd find me at the zoo or maybe even a circus. Who am I?

Duck: I waddle when I walk, and I paddle when I swim. I say Quack, Quack! Who am I?

Giraffe: I have a looong neck. I'm yellow with brown spots. And I like to eat leaves from tall trees. Who am I?

Cow: I live on a farm. I make milk. And I say Moo! Who am I?

Download animal pictures HERE
Then cut apart and write clues on back.

Read Noah and Ark story from a children's Bible.
Noah trusted and obeyed God, and God saved him. And in the end God promised He would never flood the entire world again. What did God put in the sky to remind us of His promise? [a rainbow] Have any of you ever seen a rainbow? Every time we see a rainbow this spring we can remember God's promises!

Song: Arky Arky Song (Listen and Get Lyrics HERE)

Stack the colored circles from largest to smallest. Cut in half. In the center write "God's promises are true!" Now stick a magnet on the back. Each child's rainbow will be unique! And because it makes two rainbows the children are encouraged to share God's promises with someone else!

This was Eli's rainbow!

I always plan enough craft supplies for about 20 kids , so I spent forever cutting out these circles even though we never have that many who actually do craft time. So if you're interested in this activity, I have 7 sets of circles left over, I'd be happy to mail you them! And I also have the computer file for the animal cards if you're interested in them, I could email it to you. Just let me know!


  1. I love that! What a great activity. I like that they can make two and share, that's creative.

  2. Love that Rainbow idea, and I have a craft circle cutter, so it should be pretty quick to get it together. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  3. I would love the computer file for the animal cards, but can't find any other way to contact you. Here's hoping. . .

  4. Nancy, I have the animal cards for you! Email me at sarah_groth(at)hotmail(dot)com and I'll send it to you! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hi Sarah

    I love this idea! Could I request the animal cards as well? I'll send you an e-mail to the above email address!

    Thanks so much!


  6. we will be doing this for sunday school tomorrow, following noahs ark from last week, thank for a wonderful project

  7. Awesome! Great project to show God always keeps his promises. Thank you so much!