Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week 5 - Friday

LETTER E - Heavenly Helpers workbook page (handwriting, coloring)

NUMBER 5 - practice counting five beads into muffin pan, do elephant parade cards again

Review poster.
Elephants are like cows in that they're called bulls, cows, and calves.
They're also like cows because they are mammals and make milk for their babies.
Elephants are like many of the dinosaurs because they only eat plants and they are very big.

Elephant Facts: Habitat
Because elephants are so big, the world's largest land animal, they require a lot of space. They need space to find enough food to eat--lots of grasses, trees and shrubs. They also need a good supply of water to drink and to bathe in.

Activity: connect-the-dots elephant

Babar Saves the Day by Laurent de Brunhoff
Fly, Dumbo, Fly! by Jennifer Liberts Weinberg

FAMILY FUN: watch the old Disney movie Dumbo


Bible Hero: Elijah
Read story HERE. Hannah wasn't up from her nap yet, so even though this is a really long story, Eli actually sat and listened to it!
Add picture to poster and words faithful, trusted God.
Do raven craft.

Completed learning poster.

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