Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CARS Lapbook

Lightning McQueen is Eli's favorite movie, favorite books, everything.  So I really wanted to make him a lapbook with those themed activities, but this awesome totbook is much too easy for a 4-yr old, so I enhanced it to make it more appropriate for Eli's skill level.  

Inside View
 all the stuff pulled out and opened

time for the fun!

1.Trace inside the title letters{Cars}.
2. Color Lightning McQueen.  Glue both 1 and 2 to cover.
 3. Read Lightning McQueen story and talk about Bible verse.  This Bible verse image is from my friend Randi (thanks!!)
4.  Name book.  I typed the letters for Eli's name but arranged them in the wrong order.  I cut the strip of letters from the paper, and then had Eli cut the letters apart, put them in the correct order, and glue them to his name book.
 a happy observer
 5. Counting cards. Put them in order.
 6. Cars color book.
 7. A pocket of maze cards, laminated so he could do them again and again with dry erase markers.  Make sure to wipe them clean right away or you'll really be scrubbing later. Maze1, Maze2, Maze 3 (I thought I saved the link but now I can't find it).
 8. -ar word family.
 9. This doesn't really go in the lapbook, but it's a worksheet that leads into the next activity.
 10. Read and color mini book.  I made a pocket for it so Eli could take it out and read it easier.


  1. so glad you got to use the verse!

    I love the maze thing! That's great. Tristan can't do them completely yet but we have a Curious George lapbook with a zig zag line he traces with his finger. he can almost do it. :D