Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Train Lapbook

Most of our resources came from HERE, and there were still things I didn't have room to include!

the cover
 the inside view, with extra flap (blue page) folded down
 the inside view, extra flap folded up
the extra flap

First Eli started by painting these shapes, although I didn't tell him yet what he was going to be using them for.  We let them sit to dry while we moved on to the rest of his activities.
I love to watch him paint.
put the train cars in order

then count the circus animals and put them in the correct train car
vocabulary fan book
cutting the pictures to go in the vocab book
practicing writing the letter T

telling time.  look at the clock on the train ticket, tell me what time it says, I write it in digital form on the ticket, then he punches the correct number holes for the time.  I was really excited for this part, but the puncher actually ended up being pretty tricky for his little hands.  He loved the tickets though and telling time, and he still gets them out again to play!

a train color-by-number page I found just to add to his folder (you can find it HERE)
T words mini book.  I printed these on sticker paper just to have something different from gluing and pasting.
exploring everything again

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