Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Format.

Like I mentioned before, I'm trying to follow the layout of Brightly Beaming Resources, but with minor adaptations. Here's the plan we're trying to follow. I wasn't sure about doing a small poster each week, because I didn't know what we'd do with it afterward. But when I saw a whole package for cheap at the Dollar Store, I thought we'd just go with it. And it is actually nice. Now I just need to rig a way to hang it up during the week. So anyway, here's the plan, but you'll see when I post what we actually did that we did even more adjustments:

*Introduce the weekly theme with pictures and post one or two on your learning poster.
* Choose one story to read based on the theme.
* Share a poem based on the theme with your child.
* Do a gross motor skills activity with your child. (usually just a project of some kind)
* Introduce vocabulary word and post a picture for it on your learning poster.

* Introduce shape/color of the week.
* Collect 3-5 everyday objects of that shape/color and share with your child.
* Walk through home looking for the shape/color.
* Put a drawing of the shape on your learning poster. Or for a color week, let your child color in a coloring book or on a printout.

* Review theme and vocabulary word.
* Read a story, share a poem, and sing a song based on theme. (this one is hard for us to do every day)

* Introduce the letter for the week.
* Have child color a printout of the capital letter.
* Teach your child to trace the letter with his finger. You can trace in pudding, finger paint, a shallow tray filled with rice or beans, etc
* Point out the letter in signs, cereal boxes, etc.
* Post the letter on your learning poster.

* Review weekly theme and vocabulary word.
* Read a story, share a poem, and sing a song based on theme.
* Review shape.

* Introduce number for the week.
* Show your child the appropriate number of objects to count. Sort that many small objects into ice cube tray spots.
* Show your child the written number and put on your learning poster.
* Add the correct number of stickers to your counting book. (I cut several sheets of paper in half and then folded them to make a small book. The written number both as symbol and as a word on one page and then a spot for the stickers on the opposing page.)
* Walk around the house counting objects up to the number of the week.

* Introduce commandment for the week and add to 10 commandments train. I liked the cute train idea but preferred the wording I'd seen somewhere else. So I saved the picture as a screen shot so it would be a JPG file instead of a PDF file, then opened it in Photoshop, put a white box over the old text, and added a new text box on top with the wording of my choice.

* Review everything on learning poster.
* Read story, share a poem, sing a song based on theme.

* Learn about a Bible hero and add a picture to your learning poster.
* Review everything on poster.
* Read story, share a poem, sing a song based on theme.
* Share an idea you've learned this week. ie: write a letter to Grandma, make something for someone, etc

Okay, that's the general layout, but you'll see in the next post what we really did! =) Then it'll look a whole lot more fun!

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