Thursday, October 29, 2009

Week 3--Wednesday

LETTER C - talk about sound, look at collage (we'd already made this one awhile ago), find more letter C's to add. Hannah glues scraps to letter outline. (actually she glues where I draw small stars and then I end up sticking the paper on. So don't be fooled by how nice it might look, because I did help.)
Activity: trace letter C with finger, then decorate with do-a-dot markers
Heavenly helpers handwriting practice for Eli. Hannah colors letter C coloring page.

review everything on poster first

Book: Sailor Moo Cow at Sea by Lisa Wheeler

Poem: The Cow by Ann Taylor
Thank you, pretty cow, that made
Pleasant milk to soak my bread
Every day and every night,
Warm, and fresh, and sweet, and white

Do not chew the hemlock rank,
Growing on the weedy bank
But the yellow cowslips eat;
They perhaps will make it sweet.

Where the purple violet grows,
Where the bubbling water flows,
Where the grass is fresh and fine,
Pretty cow, go there to dine.
* Nursery Rhyme:
Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle
The jumped over the moon

The little dog laughed to see such a sport

The dish ran away with the spoon
Craft: cow paper craft

* = add to learning poster

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