Saturday, October 17, 2009


Introduce Letter B--sound. We've already made a collage for this letter before, so find more letter B's to add. Hannah glues scraps onto big letter B. Heavenly helper's workbook page.
Review what's on learning poster so far.

Book: The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Poem: untitled
Let's go to sleep," the little caterpillar said,
As they tucked themselves into their beds.
They will awaken by and by,
And each one will be a lovely butterfly.
~Author Unknown
Song: The Caterpillar Song (tune: "I'm a Little Teapot") I had a hard time fitting this words to this tune, but we went with it anyway.
Once I was a caterpillar
crawling on the ground.
Then I spun a chrysalis,

and wrapped it all around.
Then one day the sun shone,

and warmed me all inside,

Slowly slowly I emerged,

I could no longer hide.

I soaked in the sunshine
for a long long while,
Then I tried my brand new wings,
And it made me smile!

Now I'm a little butterfly,

colorful and bright,

You might see me if you look

outside when it's light.
Activity: butterfly memory game for Eli/matching for Hannah
Activity: do-a-dot art with butterfly worksheet

we were having so much fun with the new do-a-dot markers we did this little guy too
Bible lesson: Review memory verse and song. Jesus in the tomb.
After Jesus died they wrapped him up, put him in a tomb, and three days later he came out again brand new. Read Bible story.

Craft: waxed paper butterfly. this didn't turn out nearly as nice I'd hoped. It would be prettier with pinks and lighter colors but we didn't have those to grate apart.

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