Friday, November 6, 2009

Week 4 - Friday

Review day!

LETTER D: Heavenly Helpers workbook page (tracing, a small color by letter). Usually Hannah just does this one while Eli does the letter collage, but this time both kids glued scraps to a letter D outline so Eli could practice cutting with scissors! By the end he was really getting the hang of it! I don't practice as much with him as I probably should, but that's okay.

Book: another book from the library, I didn't get the title written down before taking it back

Dinosaur acrostic poem and add to learning poster. thanks to Kevin for helping write this!
No long live
Dino of the day: Apatosaurus
* many people call it brontosaurus
* a plant eater with a long neck
* did not chew up its food so it swallowed stones to help grind up its tough plant food

Activity: shadow match, reviewing all of the week's dinos. I searched online coloring pages to find the dinosaur images, then used a paint program and paint bucket to color them, saved it, then painted it again but all in black and saved it as another title. wolah! shadow game!
Bible Hero: David. Read Goliath story. Add picture and words brave and trusting to learning poster.

Activity: stone game. tape off a medium-sized box on the floor with an X in the middle. Find 6 rocks, labeling them with the letter D-A-V-I-D and G. Place the "G" rock on the X. Then you have 5 turns with the remaining rocks to slide the rock at the "G" rock trying to knock it off the X.

Learning poster at the end of the week:

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  1. Just looked back over a bunch of these lessons. I love every single one of them. Wish we lived close enough for the kids to get together and do lessons! Would be so fun for them and for us!