Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Week 4 - Monday

You may have noticed from as slowly as I'm getting these lessons put up that we really don't do school every day. It seems to be taking about two weeks to do one week of lessons. Just because. If we have other things going on, or visitors, or I'm just plain exhausted, I'm not going to push to do something that's not even necessary at this point.

This week we did a dinosaurs theme, but I had a hard time finding many activities we had supplies for, so we kept things pretty simple. A book, poem, and song has been seeming like too many sit-and-listen type things in a row. So this week we just did a book and a song.

* THEME: D is for Dinosaur (add letter D and dinosaur picture to learning poster)
* Vocabulary word: paleontologist--someone who studies dinosaurs

Book: Danny and the Dinosaur Go to Camp by Syd Hoff
Song (tune: "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star")
Dinosaurs lived long ago
Some ran fast and some moved slow.

Some ate plants and some ate meat.
All were mean, none were sweet.

I'm so glad I didn't live then
I wouldn't want them for my friends!

-Ellen Bedford
Activity: egg hunt with facts inside (we had these big Easter eggs that came with Little People-sized friends inside, so I got those eggs back out and we used them for this activity). I cut these facts into individual little strips, putting inside each egg. We went around the house looking for eggs and when we found one we opened it up to read a fact:
  • Dinosaurs were animals that lived millions of years ago.
  • Many dinosaurs were very big, but some were as small as chickens are today.
  • Most dinosaurs ate only plants. Some dinosaurs ate other animals. They were meat eaters.
  • The word dinosaur means "terrible lizard".
  • A paleontologist is someone who studies dinosaurs.
  • Fossils are the remains of plants or animals that lived a long time ago or the evidence of them.
  • Many dinosaurs had more in common with birds than with lizards.
Dino of the day: stegosaurus
  • one of the earliest dinosaurs
  • its name means "roof lizard"
  • was a herbivore which means it only ate plants
  • had triangular plates on his back and spikes on its tail for protection
Activity: homemade stegosaurus puzzle using this coloring page

* Memory verse: 1 Thessalonians 5:16 "Be joyful always."
(song: by me, tune: "Are You Sleeping")
Be joyful always, joyful always
First Thessalonians, five sixteen
Have a happy heart
In all that you do
First Thessalonians, five sixteen

* = things that go on learning poster

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  1. I love all the great ideas that you post on here! They give me such inspiration to use with my preschooler! I feel the same way about school-some days it happens, and some days life happens! But it's a journey and we have fun don't we?!?!? Keep up the great work with your kiddos!