Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week 5 - Tuesday

*SHAPE: oval (like an egg). Ovals house walk.

Activity: Instead of cutting and gluing, I had Eli trace the eggs and color accordingly, then count the eggs in the basket.
Review vocabulary word.

Elephant Facts: Families Elephants are very social animals and like to stay together as a family. Most herds have five to twenty elephants, led by the oldest female (cow). There are only mommies and their babies in the herd. The daddies go to live with all the other males, bulls. In the herd they take care of each other and protect each other.

Poem: Five Gray Elephants (don't remember where I found this one)
Five gray elephants, marching through the glade,
Decide to stop and play like they are having a parade.
The first swings his trunk and announces he'll lead;
The next waves a flag which of course they need.
The third gray elephant trumpets a song;
The fourth beats a drum as he marches along.
While the fifth makes believe he's the whole show
And nods and smiles to the crowd as they go.
Five gray elephants, marching through the glade,
Having a lot of fun during their parade.
Activity: Put the parade elephants in order. I used one of the elephant images from this counting book, colored it and added numbers to it on the computer, and printed on card stock to use for this activity.
Activity: Shapes elephant craft.

Big Egg by Molly Coxe
The Story of Babar by Jean De Brunhoff

* = add to learning poster

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